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NEW YORK - Swift with fluency, I watch her hands ricochet masa back and forth forming the most even of circles. Cradled in her palm, she slaps the dough onto the sizzling comal, turns back and calls for more cebollitas. Unbothered by the flame she controls, her bare hands flip the tortilla revealing the smallest finished portion of a greater indigenous work.
You see authentic Oaxacan dishes require a master preparer; someone with deep connections to the customs, recipes and vegetation found in the lands of the Mexican region. At La Morada, that role belongs to mother. Walk into our restaurant and aromas of toasted pine nuts and seared dry chilies will extend a warm welcome on her behalf. If you haven’t spotted her yet, her gentle smile and matriarchal essence will so give her away. Lift your head up a little and you will see my smiley sister or I getting ready to say hello and take your order.
“I’ll have your finest mole,” you’ll say. After all, mole is our specialty. Prepared by my mother, a laborious but undoubtedly rewarding pottage of ground ingredients will make its way from our kitchen and onto a plate served over chicken, giving you a taste of what it is like to dine in Oaxaca. Aside from moles, we offer other specialty items that are just as equally satisfying. Our tacos and chiles rellenos are pretty big hits. When my parents buy ingredients, they examine the plant or vegetables they are buying.
They look at whether the produce is actually ready to be consumed or if it was just picked to make a profit. Their connection to food is genuine and it is what makes our restaurant stand out. Here, it’s not just buy-and-go. Here, you sit down and nurture yourself. Here, you dine with us.


La Morada is a family-owned and operated restaurant comprised of undocumented workers
La Morada is located in Mott Haven, a quick escape from busy city life
La Morada opened in 2009 when the economic downfall gave rise to vacant facilities
La Morada uses hand-picked local ingredients purchased from farmer’s markets.
La Morada often uses its space for community events and forums addressing political issues
La Morada has a community library including books and educational videos
La Morada recently got five stars on Yelp after being at four and a half stars for almost two years

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